I started building what was originally Jax&Sawyer in early 2021 working out of my bedroom when I was 18 and in my first year of college. I found myself bored sitting through lectures doing assignments that seemed like a waste of time and thinking more and more about my dream of being an entrepreneur. My whole life I had an affinity towards appearance and fashion. The roots of Jackson Sawyer stemmed as more of a passion project than a clothing brand. A simple love for quality clothing. I wanted to take what I had a passion for and build a brand that would create unique designs that transcends the test of time.

"It’s either one day or it's day one..."

- Aidan Lilienthal


One of my core values and ethics is to give back And I know that by giving to a foundation like Make-A-Wish, that our proceeds will be put to good use by helping the lives of children who truly need some hope and happiness in their life.

Seeing kids who are worse off than me, that never truly got the chance to pursue their dreams like I’m doing right now saddened me and I want to give back any way I could even if it meant helping change the life of one kid.


At Jackson Sawyer we've taken all the guesswork out of you looking your best!

We value transparency. Our goal is to offer great and unique clothing, but without the high price retail markup. Clothing that gets better with age and can be worn year after year.